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Welcome to QUESTIONS and ANSWERS about Our Website!

Some People Ask!


1: What Kind of Website is mzukakibao.com?


ANSWER: mzukakibao.com is a website that places the works of artists so that they can be seen by visitors through Search on Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing and other search engines.


2: How can I put my song on the mzukakibao.com website?


ANSWER: We receive songs via Email or WhatsApp “COMMUNICATIONS”


3: Can I Send Songs via WhatsApp?


ANSWER: Yes you can send via WhatsApp [send as Documents]


4: What kind of songs can I send to mzukakibao.com?


ANSWER: We accept all kind of all songs (But they should be ethical in society) including pictures, videos and audio from the owners or authorized representatives who own all the rights.


5: Is there any payment the artist gets by posting his songs through mzukakibao.com?

ANSWER: NO, mzukakibao.com offers visitors free Video Watch, audio download or streaming/Listening. This means that, all our services are Free for the purpose of Promoting and promoting Artists’ Works and therefore we do not sell the artist’s music, videos or any images to third parties.


6: If I Put My Song Someone Can Watch Or Listen And Viewers Increase On My Account? Example YouTube Or Boomplay and Audiomack!


ANSWER: YES, when an Artist’s Song is uploaded to us, be it Video or Audio, then we always acknowledge the embedding (Embed Code) from the artist’s account that is on other people’s websites. For example, listen from BoomPlay, Audiomack, Youtube and other websites that have an Embed Code service.


Note: We are not involved with third party websites like Boomplay, Audiomack, Youtube etc. in any way whether it is to count visitors or about the payments made there, We do not control the content or links that appear on these websites and we are not responsible in any way for the websites linked from our Website, As it is explained in the Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy) paragraph of Third party websites.


7: How can I Release my Song that has been sent by someone who has no copyright?


ANSWER: If you have seen your song that you don’t like on our website, we ask you to send information or complaints about wanting to remove your song via Email at mzukakibao194@gmail.com and our technicians will be able to remove your work within a few hours only if they are satisfied that you have all the rights that song.






Your song will appear on all Search Networks like Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo and other networks used in Internet Search and make your song more popular.

mzukakibao.com is viewed more than 10M+ times in one month.. So your song will be seen by many visitors too.

mzukakibao.com has a section to share/distribute your music like Facebook, Twitter and other social networks that you can use to distribute to friends and family.

The visitor of our website will be able to download or listen to your song more easily through the player that is attached to your account from paid networks like Audiomack, YouTube, BoomPlay etc.

Also For Additional Information You Can Read On The Terms & Conditions


If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask us through our email mzukakibao194@gmail.com.


Thank you!